Michael Jordan's Legacy - The Greatest MJ Commercials

Episode 5 & 6 of 'The Last Dance' showed how Michael Jordan became the 'brand' Air Jordan and his deal with Nike further placed him as the forefront of pop-culture. The team at Throwback have put together a list of MJ's greatest and most memorable commercials. Note with so many choices this list is disputable but we hope these bring back some good memories if you're from the "old-school" or if you're a young cat looking to discover more on MJ. Enjoy! 


10. Michael's Failure (1997)

9. Challenge Gatorade Commercial (1997)

8. Jordan Versus Jordan (2003)

7. Air Jordan IV (1989)

6. I Wanna Be Like Mike (1991)

5. Air Jordan XIII "Frozen Moment Nike 

4. Air Jordan XI Commercial (1996)

3. Larry and Michael Playing Horse (1993)

2. Michael Jordan & Charlie Sheen for Hanes (2009)

1. Air Jordan's Original Take-Off (1985)


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