A WILD Opening Night!

It’s barely been 12 hours since NBA Free Agency opened, and the NBA has been turned on its head today with some monster deals getting done!

Kevin Durant and Kyrie got the ball rolling, joining forces in Brooklyn. Yes Brooklyn, not New York! They added some frontcourt help, with DeAndre Jordan in to defend the rim, along with mentoring young Jarrett Allen.

The point guard merry go round continued, as Kemba Walker and Terry Rozier traded places, with the Celtics needing an all-star to help ease the burden of losing Kyrie, whilst Charlotte went into full rebuild mode adding Rozier (for much less).

Malcolm Brogdon wanted in on the fun, getting a big payday with the Indiana Pacers. He gives them a huge boost, covering the loss of Darren Collison (retired), and giving them a brilliant defensive backcourt with Victor Oladipo once he’s healthy.

Indiana did lose Bojan Bogdanovic though to Utah, a big loss, but managed to pick up Jeremy Lamb to help cover the loss of a great scorer.

Bojan’s move makes Utah an immediate title contender and gives them an extremely good starting 5. They already added Mike Conley to the mix (with Rubio off to Phoenix), Utah looks set to light the scoreboard on fire next season, whilst still having Rudy Gobert to defend the rim.


Miami made a move for Jimmy Butler and sent Josh Richardson packing to Philly in the process. Richardson is a huge piece to this trade, given Philly had just lost JJ Reddick to the Pelicans.

Philly were also able to keep hold of Tobias Harris, giving him a max deal, and a bigger role given the loss of Reddick and Butler. He now becomes their 2nd primary scorer outside of Embiid. Philly weren’t done just yet making moves though, adding the only player able to contain Joel Embiid.

Enter Al Horford. Horford gives Philly a tough frontcourt, and with he and Embiid guarding the rim, it’ll make it near impossible to beat them inside. He also brings a wealth of experience to a team in need of another leader, and someone who can take them to the next level after a heart-breaking loss to the Raptors in the 2nd round.


The Knicks swung and missed big time in free agency and somewhat hit the panic button, giving Julius Randle a big payday. Julius had a monster year with the Pelicans and backed himself this offseason, opting out of his player option to instead get PAID by the Knicks.

At least they got someone! He comes to New York as the new leader of their young core of Dennis Smith Jr and Kevin Knox, along with the 3rd overall pick RJ Barrett.


The last play of the day left everyone stunned. Golden State, last season’s runners up, were not going to just let this season slip away without a fight.

D’Angelo Russell is coming to join the former champs on a 4-year deal, in a sign and trade with Brooklyn. Andre Iguodala was then dealt to Memphis to make way for this move.

It’s a monster play for the Warriors, transferring to a new arena in the offseason, and remaining relevant while Klay Thompson recovers from his ACL surgery.

Russell had a huge year with Brooklyn, gaining all-star selection and a big reason in them making the playoffs this past season. But with the move of Irving to Brooklyn, it was only a matter of time and this gives the Warriors a new Splash brother to add to the mix!


One big domino remains to fall. Where does the reigning Finals MVP go?

There’s every chance he drags this out, and what’s the rush after today’s carnage? Time will tell!



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