Back to Roaracle Arena One Last Time!

Just when you thought the champs were gone, in comes one of the Splash Brothers to save the day. Klay Thompson, the best 2 way 2 guard in Basketball, reminded us all why he’s in for a serious pay day this off season!

Klay nailed big shot after big shot down the stretch in Toronto, but more importantly, locked up Kawhi Leonard in the final 3 minutes of the contest to force a 6th game in the NBA Finals, and one last dance at one of the loudest arenas in the league.

Kawhi was near unstoppable in the 4th Quarter, putting the Raptors on his back in an unbelievable stretch of basketball, bring them back from double digits down to up 6 with 3 minutes to go. Then for whatever reason, Toronto decided to burn a time out, on a 10-0 run capped solely by Kawhi, with 3 minutes to play giving Golden State a spell. WHY?!?!

It was one of the most bizarre decisions you’ll ever see. They had Golden State on the ropes, and another bucket on that possession just about would’ve sunk the champs, and Kawhi would have been awarded Finals MVP. But no. The Warriors were given a chance to collect themselves, forcing the Raptors into some awful decision making down the stretch, and a Kyle Lowry 3 at the buzzer was partially blocked by Draymond. Game over.


Toronto have now given Golden State a sniff, the worst possible thing you can do to a team who was down and out. KD went down with what appears to be a torn Achilles (why he was cleared to come back we will never know), along with Kevin Looney also seemingly done for the series as he was in agony all game.

Whether Golden State have enough left in the tank after a win like that remains to be seen, but this is a championship winning team, who knows the feeling of blowing a 3-1 lead.

They want their own piece of history, and if they manage to win this series with all their injuries, you’d have to think this would be the best one of the lot.


All isn’t lost for the Raptors though. They’ve got 2 chances to close this out. They went into the Bay and stole 2 games already in this series, so they won’t be over awed by the moment. They’ll want to be the team who defeated the Warriors in 3 straight games on their home floor, a curtain call to one of the greatest arenas in the league, where Golden State have been near unbeatable over recent years.


Toronto couldn’t buy a 3 in Game 5 yet managed to hang around due to the tough play of Kawhi and a heavy dosage of buckets in the paint “take not Houston”!

If we are blessed enough to see this go back to Toronto for a game 7, Toronto will have a whole country behind them, along with most of America. As long as the moment isn’t too big for them, which I don’t think it will be, Toronto will be crowned NBA Champions, due to the simple fact they’ll have the bodies to go. They simply have to take advantage of the battered and bruised Warriors!



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