Get the Brooms Out – The Sweep is On!
06 Jun

Get the Brooms Out – The Sweep is On!

You’re probably thinking “Hang on a minute, they’ve only done what they were supposed to do…hold home court!”

That is true, that’s all they’ve done is hold home court. But it’s the way in which it has been done. This well-oiled machine known as the Golden State Warriors are moving closer to the perfect playoffs 16-0.

Klay Thompson decided to show up in Game 2 and start hitting his shots. With him being their “3rd string guy” in this line up, they’re simply impossible to guard.

Klay and Draymond defensively have been amazing, along with the almost guaranteed Finals MVP Kevin Durant (5 blocks and 3 steals in Game 2), there’s just no let up. It’s making the Cavs do things they normally wouldn’t. When the Cavs turn the ball over, which has been plenty in this series so far, the Warriors are jamming it down their throat. They’re relentless!

LeBron is doing all he can to keep his team in this series. With every run he sparks, Golden State has an answer for, plus some.

The crowd will be crazy in Cleveland come game 3. It needs to be for their team to have any shot. They need the hunger plays from Tristan Thompson. He has been kept well out of this series by all the Golden State bigs so far. The curse of the Kardashians may have struck again…

Having Steve Kerr back was such an emotional boost for the Warriors in Game 2. It just adds a cool head if things are going to plan. Nothing has gone wrong for them in the first 2 games, nor has it through the entire playoffs.

It’s possible this is one of the greatest teams ever assembled, and as much as the Cavs will try, this series will be ending in Cleveland.

Dave Bauk

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