NBA Playoffs Round 1 Wrap

NBA Playoffs Round 1 Wrap:


The First Round of the NBA Playoffs wrapped up yesterday, with the Denver Nuggets finishing off the Spurs at home in game 7.

Still confused as to why the Spurs never fouled to finish that game, but I guess they’ll have all summer to figure that out for themselves too!


The clear highlight in the first round was the incredible performance of Damian Lillard. His series winning shot in Game 5 was something else, and will be a shot that will be replayed for years to come. There really is a special feel about this team this year, and as long as Kanter is healthy enough going into round 2, you can see them marching on to the Western Conference finals.


Golden State losing a 31 point lead in game 2 of their series to the surprisingly competitive Clippers was also a huge talking point. Golden State don’t seem to be playing their best basketball (dropping 2 games to the Clippers), and were bailed out in this series by the ridiculous play of Kevin Durant (a 50 point game in game 6).


Milwaukee managed to cruise through an awful Detroit team, who had to play Blake Griffin on one leg late in the series, so you couldn’t read too much into that result.

Boston meanwhile swept a gritty Indiana unit which surprised a lot of people. Even with no Oladipo, Indiana played incredibly well this season due to the play of Bojan Bogdanovic, and there is no doubt once Vic returns next season, they will be an extremely tough outfit come playoff time.


Toronto and Philly both dropped their home openers to Orlando and Brooklyn respectively, but cruised the rest of the way against two teams that had little to no playoff experience.

Brooklyn are an exciting unit who will be fun for years to come, and with a chance to add a max player in the off season, will be around again next season.

Jared Dudley may have to learn to pipe down a little though and go back to his role of warming the pine…


Houston looked really good against Utah also, which sets up the mouth-watering 2nd round match up with Golden State. Harden wasn’t at his best which makes that series win even more incredible, as he was guarded extremely different to what we have seen in the past (most of the time from behind to force him to take that floater over Gobert and eliminate his potent step back 3).

It will be interesting to see if Golden State come up with a similar strategy.


Early games of Round 2 have kicked off, with Toronto despatching of Philly in game 1 at home. Kawhi Leonard and Paskal Siakam look to be a big concern for Philly, who need to come up with a better game plan to stop Toronto’s 1-2 punch.


Boston also came away with a huge Game 1 victory in Milwaukee, showing how this team really can turn a corner when they are locked in. Al Horford showed just how good he can be guarding Giannis on multiple occasions, meeting him at the rim and making life difficult for the Greek Freak.


Golden State got away with their first win over Houston with some awful officiating.

Landing space is such a big thing now in the NBA, and you have to protect the shooter. These calls have been made all year, and they simply can’t put away the whistle just because the opponent is from the Bay area…watch this space come Game 2!


It’s going to be a cracking Round 2, and if these early window games have anything to do with it, we are in for a treat!



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