NBA Playoffs Round 2 Recap


Wow. Just WOW!

Who would’ve thought that Damian Lillard’s series winning shot would now be over looked for what took place in Toronto Monday morning.

Kawhi Leonard led the Raptors to a 2 point win in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference 2nd round, hitting an incredible fall away corner jump shot over an out stretched Joel Embiid, sending Jurassic Park into absolute mayhem.

Tears were shed as Embiid left the floor, as he realised that could be the very end of the process, with the likes of Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler on the open market after this season concludes. You’d like to think Philly will do everything in their power to keep this core intact, to make another run at the title, and with a full preseason together, there’s no doubt they’ll be there making plenty of noise come playoff time next season.


Toronto’s opponent in the Eastern Conference finals have had the chance to put their feet up and get some rest, as Milwaukee were far too strong for the Boston Celtics.

Paul Pierce’s declaration of Boston after Game 1 clearly back fired, as Giannis showed why he is the MVP, putting his stamp on this series along with fellow All Star Khris Middleton. They’ll be raring and ready to go come Thursday Morning when Kawhi and the Raptors come to town, who will need more help if they’ll want any chance of toppling a red hot Bucks team.


We were treated with another amazing Game 7 in the early hours of Monday Morning, as Portland came away with a big time win on the road, led by CJ McCollum, who was unstoppable today.

Denver have been extremely tough to beat at home this season, and jumped out to a 17 point lead in the 2nd Qtr, as Portland couldn’t buy a three to save themselves.

Unfortunately for Denver, they couldn’t put Portland away. Dame and CJ have played with a chip on their shoulder over the duration of the playoffs, and today was no different.

It showed how great a player Lillard is, allowing CJ to take over this game late, showing the maturity of an NBA star, knowing this was McCollum’s time to take them to the Western Conference Finals.


Portland will take on the might of the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, who managed to outlast Houston in a phenomenal 6 game series.

With Durant going down hurt in Game 5, Steph Curry decided it was time to start hitting a few shots again, along with his running buddy Klay, as they snuck out a big time win at home.

Houston were heavily favoured going into Game 6 at home, and with Curry posting a donut in the first half, they really should’ve put the game to bed and taken this series to 7. It wasn’t to be.

Curry was on fire in the last Qtr, posting 23 of his 33 points, and making some of the most incredible shots late in the game, reminding us all of how great he can be even in the slump he was enduring.

So the Final four are set. Seeds 1 and 2 out East, and Seeds 1 and 3 out West.

Kawhi v Giannis as well as Middleton v Lowry in one conference, Steph v Dame and Klay v CJ in the other.

It really doesn’t get much better than that. But let’s not forget the vital role players in all of these squads that will need to fire to help their teams win.

Eric Bledsoe will need to win his battle with Lowry at the point, as well as Paskal Siakam for the Raptors, who was extremely quiet against Philly after suffering an injury early in the series. They’ll need him to get back to the man who’s a short priced favourite to run away with the NBA’s most improved player award.

Draymond Green has been close to the Warriors best in the post season (outside of Kevin Durant). He has an awful reputation, but without him, they’d be in some strife as he’s been doing just about everything so far.

For Portland, Rodney Hood had himself a series against the Nuggets. He suffered an apparent knee injury late in the game so they’ll be hoping it’s nothing too serious. Otherwise the likes of Evan Turner and Seth Curry will have a huge role to play in this series.

Curry v Curry should be a bit of fun too. Sonya and Dell Curry may have to decide who’s supporting who come game time!

Bring on the Conference Finals!






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