Started from the Bottom now we’re here!

They were cellar dwellers. No one wanted to go watch them. They were a retirement home for the likes of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry.

The Brooklyn Nets are now one of the best teams to watch in the league, and they have youth to thank for that.

Once the Celtics had their championship window closed, KG and Paul Pierce were moved to Brooklyn, along with Deron Williams (who back then was likened to be as good as Chris Paul…wow). The Nets were championship or bust. Unfortunately they had to compete with LeBron and D Wade out in Miami, we all know how that worked out.


The Nets were then left in a financial hole, putting all their eggs into one basket on an old crew past their prime. They were great in the regular season, but when it came time for the post season, the olds legs had had enough (wasn’t as much “load management” as there is now).

They had a number of extremely bad years, as well as losing pretty much all of their draft picks to the Boston Celtics.

How times have now changed!


Brooklyn is now extremely young, led by All Star Point Guard D’Angelo Russell, and the team just seems incredibly tight. Their bench is up on every play, dancing and supporting their team mates. They clearly have the best team chemistry in the league!

Spencer Dinwiddie is a major problem off the bench, and when playing with Russell, provided a hell of a 1-2 scoring punch.

Russell is thriving in Brooklyn, and it really does make you wonder, what on earth happened in Laker Land. It seems player development isn’t such a big thing, as you look outside of Brooklyn with someone like Julius Randle, who is having a career year in New Orleans, seemingly held back in LA.


Brooklyn can go 10-12 deep, and as stated before, it doesn’t matter who is in the game, every single one of their team mates is going to be there to get around them when they provide the goods on the court!

They have deep threats everywhere you look, led by 3 Point Champ Joe Harris, as well as Russell, Dinwiddie and even Jared Dudley chipping in for a few off the pine, this team is locked in and ready for their first playoff run in years, and they deserve it!


As long as this team can stay together, the sky is the limit. It looks as if they’ll finish in the 6-7 spot and face Toronto or Philly in Round 1, and let’s be real, neither of those teams have proven themselves come playoff time so you never really know!


One thing is for sure. The Brooklyn Nets are legit and they’re here to stay out East!


Dave Bauk



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