The FINALS Countdown!

We are a month away from the best of the best facing off in the NBA Playoffs, and it seems
this year is as wide open as it’s ever been….out east anyway…

Golden State are still clearly the heavy favourite to take out the West, although they don’t
seem as settled as they have been in previous seasons. You’d think they want no part of the
Houston Rockets in the 2 nd round of the playoffs, as they really do have their measure,
winning with and without Harden at Oracle this year already!

There would be no real surprise with any Western Conference playoff result (outside of the
Warriors being upset), as the West is so incredibly strong. NBA Fans would love to see a
Portland v OKC first round playoff series, with plenty of hatred between Nurkic and
Westbrook, as well as a Utah v OKC playoff series, again with plenty of niggle between these
two teams after last year’s series.
Only 3.5 Games separate 3 rd to 8 th so there could be more changes to come to the current
playoff seeding’s.

Things are heating up out East also, with a clear Top 5 setting the pace for an extremely
exciting finish to the season, with the likes of Philly, Indiana and Boston jockeying for home
court going into the final month.
Joel Embiid is back for Philly, and his health will be vital in the home stretch to snag 3 rd , as
they want to avoid Boston at all costs in the 1 st round of the playoffs.
Boston have found their winning groove, belting the Warriors on their home floor, and it
looks as if we are seeing Gordon Hayward back to his old self in this stretch, and if he
continues this form they’ll be incredibly tough to knock off with him playing at that level off
the bench.

Toronto are within touching distance of the Bucks, back a couple of games. I’m not so sure if
it’s the Raptors sole goal to finish outright first in the regular season. They seem fine resting
their guys, knowing that if healthy, Kawhi and his crew can get them home on the road (if
they face Milwaukee in the Eastern Conference Finals).

From the outside looking in out East, the disastrous South East Division is still up for grabs
(with that also being the 8 th seed in the conference). Orlando and Charlotte keep blowing
games when they seemingly have them won, almost handing Miami the division title by

default. Only 1 game separates the 3 teams, and you’d think Washington are too far back (3
games), but then again with this division who really knows. What we do know is, they’ll be
handing the Bucks or Raptors a first round bye facing any of them!

The West is just about set in terms of teams in the playoffs, with the Clippers and Spurs
sitting 7 th and 8 th , 4 games ahead of Sacramento. It would take a complete disaster for either
team to miss the playoffs.

We can’t talk playoffs without mentioning “King James”. That playoff streak is OVER this
year, taking his talents to L.A and missing the finals in his first appearance out West. That
would be killing him, knowing how easy he’s had it out East.
It’ll be a long off season for the King, but at least he will have Space Jam 2 filming to keep
him occupied…

It shapes as an awesome last month of Basketball, as well as March Madness kicking off for
all us College Hoops lovers! Let the best month of Basketball begin!


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  • Oliver

    Don’t sleep on San Antonio. They are peaking at the right time and is the dark horse to go all the way to the WCF (maybe even the finals).

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