The Warriors have a 3-1 Lead….Again!!

We’ve seen this movie before, the Warriors have a 3-1 lead again!

Last year they blew it. Will they find a way to finish it off this time in the Bay, game 5? Yes…yes they will.

The broom sticks were out in Game 4, Jalen Rose was even waving his around in the pre-game show. However, the Warriors once again couldn’t close the series out.

Some will say they wanted to finish it off at home because the celebrations will be better, but you can’t be taking games off in the NBA Finals. You can’t give someone like LeBron James a sniff at a championship.

The officiating in Game 4 was diabolical. Both ways. It was actually embarrassing to watch the crew mess up just about everything. The farcical reviews that seemed to take forever and how about the Draymond Green tech foul situation (he should’ve been ejected for 2 techs). The refs seemed to have reversed the first one he received and gave it to Steve Kerr, much to the bemusement of just about everyone at home and in the building.

Draymond’s “2nd tech foul” was an awful call! This may be why they had to make something up not to eject him. Why on earth is he still giving these officials a reason to tech him. He needs to grow up. Draymond wasn’t the reason why the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead last season, but had he not been suspended Game 5, we may very well have had a different result in last year’s NBA Finals.

Cleveland made history in Game 4. 49 points in the first quarter along with 86 for the half was just incredible to watch. Golden State’s inability to play any kind of defence was baffling. Kyrie and LeBron were able to get whatever they wanted, and in doing so, allowed Love and JR to have days to shoot wide open corner 3 balls.

This series in itself has history written all over it. Gone are the days of the grinding NBA Finals series between the likes of the Spurs and Pistons. If you like offensive basketball then this is your series. It won’t be slowing down come Game 5 either, but there’s no way this team blows a 3-1 lead again. Not at home, and not with number 35 on their team.

Kevin Durant is the difference in this series.

Steph Curry’s numbers have been great, but it is clear KD is the leader on this team. He hasn’t had one bad game during the finals, whereas Steph had an off shooting night Game 4.

Confetti will rain at Oracle come Tuesday morning, and Kevin Durant will be named Finals MVP, and it won’t be his last!

Dave Bauk

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