Just when we thought we had finally figured this OKC team out, they came crashing back down to earth.

Yes, our Team of the Week is none other than the Oklahoma City Thunder.

OKC seem to be best summed up as either rocks or diamonds. They brought in Paul George to be Russell Westbrook’s sidekick (a handy one at that), then managed to pull a few more strings to bring in Carmelo Anthony to form an extremely explosive Big 3 out west.
Some games this team has looked great, in particular their incredible performance against the Golden State Warriors (will go into further detail later), then they have followed up stinkers against the likes of the Pistons at home and Dallas on the road.

Player of the Week: Russell Westbrook.
Russell was Russell against his former best friend KD. He played angry, motivated and played up to the crowd as only Russell can. Russell and KD going face to face during the game, having to be pulled away by team mates, is exactly what the NBA needs, a heated rivalry!
Westbrook fell 1 assist shy of a triple double against the Warriors, posting 34 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists.

Over the course of the week Russell managed to almost average a triple double with 29.7 PPG, 11 RPG and 9.7 APG. Unfortunately, the Thunder went 1-2 over that stretch, unable to build on such a huge win over the Warriors.

Game of the Week: OKC v Golden State 108-91.
This game made a lot of NBA Fans smile. Golden State hate it when you play them physically, they love a smooth free flowing game where they can set the pace on their terms. OKC got in under their grill. There was a lot of fire and hatred in this match, with plenty of the OKC faithful letting KD know he’s not welcome back in their house!
Melo made big shots, as did Paul George, as they followed their fearless aggressive leader to a huge win at home over the best team in the league.

These two teams have the potential to meet again in the playoffs, but OKC need to bring this passion and fight with them in every game. They looked unbeatable in this contest. Unfortunately, this kind of performance hasn’t come about on a consistent basis, as their current record will show (8-11).
The only good thing to come from the rest of the week after that Golden State performance, was the debut of their new threads in a loss to the Pistons. No doubt these will be a hot seller when they hit the store!

Looking ahead this week, OKC will go head to head with a young team on the rise at home, the Minnesota Timberwolves. These two teams played out a thriller earlier in the season, and there’s no doubt this game will have a playoff feel about it, that’s if the Thunder can get it right!

Dave Bauk

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