Triple Treat in NBA Finals!
01 Jun

Triple Treat in NBA Finals!

Here we go again, for the third straight year in the NBA Finals, Golden State will go toe to toe with the Cleveland Cavaliers; Basketball’s own version of Ali v Frazier. It couldn’t come soon enough!

It’s been a long wait, 7 days to be exact, but now only a couple of sleeps away from this bitter rivalry. The trash talk has already begun. There’s flashback videos of Draymond Green from back in October being shown, claiming he wants to “Destroy” the Cavs, a Cav’s player has fired back with an attack on JaVale McGee stating he is simply “not smart enough” to play in finals basketball.

It’s been well documented that Golden State blew a 3-1 series lead last season. Losing Draymond Green to suspension in the 5th game killed any momentum the Warriors had. However, had the luxury of killing the series off with two more games, yes they blew it.

Take nothing away from Cleveland last season. They beat one of the all-time great teams, 3 straight games in a NBA Finals series, two being on the road. What LeBron and Kyrie produced in Game 7 was one of the all-time great performances in sport. The ending of the game itself will always be remembered as a complete grind to the finish line, neither team had anything left. Then out of nowhere came LeBron with a game changing block on Iggy. A moment in NBA history one might never forget.

The move by Durant to Golden State has been widely scrutinised all year, and if the Warriors don’t finish this season off with a championship, it’ll be seen as one of the biggest failures in the leagues history.

If LeBron James manages to win back to back championships against this Warriors team, it also may end the argument for greatest of all time. This will be his defining moment. He finally has a healthy Kyrie and Kevin Love, so from his side of things there are no more excuses about not having enough weapons.

If Klay Thompson happens to catch fire in this series, it may be all too much for the Cavs to overcome. Klay hasn’t been himself this post season, but he’s only one big game away from flicking the switch. You just feel as if he’s too good to consistently struggle, but if history is anything to go by with Klay in the finals, it may be another long series for him.

Expect a high scoring series, with both teams falling in love with the 3 ball.

Will KD finally win his first ring or will LeBron be crowned as the greatest of all time?

As Hoops fans…we can’t wait to see what this third instalment has for us!!

Dave Bauk

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