What’s Next for the Spurs?
23 May

What’s Next for the Spurs?

The West Finals have come and gone. Golden State had too much talent in the end for a depleted Spurs team. The result would have been far different if Kawhi was healthy, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case and the sweep was complete.

The Spurs fell short again this season after another great regular season. Is Manu Ginobili finishing up? He’s had such a great career and the send-off he was given would show that it could be curtains for the great Argentinian.

More importantly, what is next for our Bala Pat?

He’s now an Unrestricted Free Agent and no doubt has earned himself a huge pay day. Patty got the start when Parker went down and had a very good series against Houston. He was unfortunately no match for the Warriors, Steph having his way.

Patty seems suited to playing that 6th man role. Playing big minutes off the bench and providing the spark to turn a game around. It’s not to say he isn’t a good enough starting point guard in this league, it just suits him so much more playing as a change of pace guard, rather than the complete floor general.

He could’ve looked different in his starting role with Kawhi by his side in this series, we will never really know.

Chris Paul is rumoured to come to San Antonio. It would be brilliant to watch. The changing of the guard with Manu and TP on their way out. How great would it be for Patty to stay with the Spurs and back up CP3, potentially playing both in the last with Patty spotting up in the corner while CP3 finds him open!

Patty has a big decision to make. The offers will come thick and fast for his services, as there is no doubt a lot of teams around the league can use them in some fashion.

It is going to be an interesting off season in San Antonio. There’s no doubt this team won’t sit around doing nothing, they need to add another piece to compete against the Warriors, acquiring Chris Paul along with resigning Patty will go a long way to contending for another title!

Dave Bauk

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