Zion Williamson: LeBron James 2.0 – What’s next?

In the world of comparing players, it’s only right we compare Zion Williamson to the one and only LeBron James.

Zion plays the game the same way LeBron plays. His incredible strength is seemingly impossible to guard one on one (just like LeBron in his prime), along with nailing down LeBron’s greatest weakness also (both hate the free throw line).

Zion has a serviceable 3 point jumper, which will develop into a better shot over time, just like LeBron’s 3 point shot has. When he’s going downhill, it may as well just move out of the way and give up a dunk, just like LeBron James.


Zion had one of the most incredible college basketball seasons for Duke that we’ve seen in a long time, and will unanimously win the College Basketball Player of the Year award.

Duke fell short though in the tournament, falling in the elite 8 to Michigan State, in what was an incredible game of basketball.

Duke though had many troubles throughout the tournament, twice surviving back to back tip-ins to UCF and Virginia Tech. Finally, their luck had run out, with Michigan State’s upper-classman holding on for a 1 point win (with teammate RJ Barrett going 1 of 2 at the line in the final seconds).


We know what’s next for Zion. He’s off to the NBA. But the bidding war for his shoe services begin.

It’s sure to be the richest deal in Basketball history, given his shoe blow out a couple of months back against North Carolina, Nike will have to make a fair case to secure his services!


You’d love to see Zion land in the Big Apple, which would surely bring in a couple of free agents (KD and Kyrie have been heavily linked with a move to New York) and adding Zion makes that move to New York that much more enticing.

Phoenix is also an enticing spot for Zion, with the likes of Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton already in the line-up, he could be exactly what that struggling franchise needs to get off the ground again.


Where would you like to see Zion land in the league?


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