Changing the Game Since 11.11.11




Throwback stands as Australia's premier haven for basketball enthusiasts and culture connoisseurs. Launched in 2011 by Michael Lazaris, the store is a testament to the rich legacy and mass appeal of basketball. Situated on the iconic Oxford Street in Sydney, Throwback offers a curated selection of global lifestyle brands, encompassing footwear, apparel, accessories, and merchandise, while also providing an immersive experience both in-store and online. Beyond retail, Throwback gives unparalleled access to fans by hosting exclusive events with some of the world’s biggest names in sports. Adding to its influence is Throwback’s in-house label disrupting the Australian fashion landscape with elevated essentials blending high-end streetwear, loungewear and sportswear. Throwback has reshaped Australia’s retail scene, leaving an indelible mark on Australia's sporting community, capturing the essence of basketball's heritage and modern allure.

Where Basketball Meets Lifestyle

Emerging from a humble beginning as a small pro-shop concept, fueled by a profound passion for basketball, Throwback has undergone a remarkable evolution since its inception. Originating within a local stadium in Alexandria, where founder Michael Lazaris once played for the Sydney Comets, the brand transitioned into a boutique store situated at Bondi Beach. The success of this store marked the path for the larger "Hoops Central" establishment in Darlinghurst. These cumulative experiences led to a bold step: merging lifestyle and performance to create the ultimate basketball flagship store complemented by an expansive digital presence across Australia. Imbued with a commitment to sustainability, the flagship employs repurposed materials, from hardwood courts to transformed stadium lights, cultivating an ambiance that enhances the shopping expedition. As Throwback journeys forward, the digital experience now harmoniously mirrors the eminence of its retail counterpart.