Throwback started from humble beginnings, much like the basketball stadium in which the flagship store trades today.

Alexandria Stadium, itself, boasts great heritage dating back to its construction in the 1950’s and throughout many eras like the 70’s & 80’s when it served its original purpose as the home court of the Sydney Supersonics (now Sydney Kings), throughout the 90’s when the Sydney Kings called Alexandria Stadium their home practice facilities, and the present day which sees over 3000 players, coaches and supporters through the stadium doors every week due to the numerous local and representative level basketball competitions taking place every day and every night.

Andrew Lazaris, the long time serving President of the City of Sydney Basketball Association (CSBA), which calls Alexandria Stadium home, has invested the last 29 years in continuing to improve Australian Basketball.

Second to only football (soccer), basketball is actually the largest participated sport for men, women and children down to the grassroots level and is also the second largest team sport played globally.

This is why the CSBA has worked endlessly to have the two-court facility at Alexandria expanded, and finally in 2014 (more than 20 years since the first application for expansion was submitted), the CSBA was able to secure a multi-million dollar build with the help of City of Sydney Council, in order to turn Alexandria Stadium into a six-court state of the art facility with building to commence early 2015. Exciting times ahead for the growth of Throwback!

With basketball being the global game it is, it has allowed so many people to network with one another via the various channels that have developed over the years. There are now thousands of student athletes competing in colleges across the USA. In Division 1 colleges alone, there are over 100 men and women currently playing, and add to that hundreds more in the lower divisions - many of which would be competitive with our national league teams.

Dante Exum, a top 5 NBA Draft prospect of the 2014 class joins several other Australians playing in the NBA this season. This is the greatest number of Australian born NBA players in the same generation and could be considered as Australia’s golden generation of NBA stars. Taking into account a player like Andrew Bogut along with the rapid rise of fellow Aussie Patty Mills and a very talented supporting cast, it is no wonder why there is a booming interest in the NBA in Australia. Outside of the USA itself, Australia has the largest number of NBA League Pass subscribers worldwide. This means that there are more Australians watching NBA than most other nations globally.

Basketball is our game. Throwback will continue to grow it in any way we know possible and ways that we have not yet even discovered. It is not a question of if we will, but more so when we will, and the answer is now.

The Throwback team is comprised of a group of enthusiastic “basketball-heads” managing the stores, and along with in-house design and marketing professionals driving the business from the backend, the future of Throwback is in good hands. The team boasts years of experience in communications planning, graphic design, consumer marketing, copywriting and web/multimedia development.



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