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Boston Fighting for 7th Heaven

The Golden State Warriors are one win away from Championship glory, but they’ll have to overcome one of the toughest environments to do so.

Boston head home to face the Warriors in a must win Game 6 to extend the series to a deciding 7th game, and will look to have the home fans rocking to get them there!

Golden State snatched home court advantage back with a huge 107-97 win in Game 4 on the back of the brilliance of Steph Curry (43 Points and 10 Rebounds).

They consolidated that win with a 104-94 Game 5 victory, this time on the back of All-Star Andrew Wiggins. 

Wiggins has been huge in this series, and some believe his performances are worthy of a potential Finals MVP award, going for 26 Points and 13 Rebounds.

It isn’t just Wiggins offensive work that’s doing the talking, with the forward locking up Jayson Tatum in the last quarter of Game 5, and will need to do so again if the Warriors are to close out this series and win the title in Boston.

Boston will need the likes of Tatum and Brown to be at their best to win Game 6 and force a 7th game, with Tatum going 10-20 from the field in a Game 5 loss.

Those numbers need to be bumped up, as he’s yet to have “that game” in the NBA Finals, a signature game ala Steph Curry in Game 4.

Jaylen Brown also wasn’t at his best in Game 5, going 5-18 from the field, settling for far too many jumpers.

Brown has a big mismatch athletically in this series and has been getting to the rim at will, so it’s time for him to be at his aggressive best and finish tough at the basket!

Some players thrive in Game 6s.

Game 6 Klay enters the fray here, and in a post-game presser at the end of Game 5 mentioned he was finally looking forward of heading to Boston.

Klay has been known to put exclamation marks on certain series wins in Game 6, so he will be one to watch tomorrow!

Boston can’t rely on Steph going 0-9 again from 3 point land to win this game, but their recipe defensively in Game 5 clearly worked.

They can’t continue to have lapses offensively in the last quarter as they’ve had in the last two games of the series and expect to win games either.

The foot needs to be on the throat at all times and get a jump on this Warriors team early.

As predicted going into game 3, Boston would win Game 3 and the Warriors get one back in Game 4.

Here we are in Game 6 with all going according to plan, look for the Celtics to get one back here and give us the 7 game series we have desired all series long!

Game 6 Klay has his moment in the sun, but Tatum finally gives us his big game and we get ourselves back to San Francisco on Monday morning for a deciding 7th game!


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