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In a League of His Own

Steph Curry made his way to Madison Square Garden with one thing on his mind tonight.

He was able to complete that mission early in the first quarter, as Ray Allen’s long standing 3 point record was finally broken.

Curry needed two 3s today to break the record, and now stands on top of the mountain with 2,977 made 3s!


Steph Curry changed the game when he came into the league, shooting 3s from near half court and making them seem effortless.

Some fans were annoyed with the way he played, but most were excited that we were seeing something very different!

Some have tried to mirror his game, with the likes of James Harden, Damian Lillard and Trae Young doing their best impression.

But there will never be another like him, Steph Curry is the greatest shooter in the history of the game and what a beautiful sight it is to watch him in full flight.


What makes this record so special today is that it took Curry almost 500 less games than Allen, as well as 500+ less attempts (526 to be exact).

The fact history was made in one of the most historic buildings in the world made it that much better, as no one would appreciate great basketball like a New York Knicks fan base!


James Harden is currently 4th on the all-time list with 2,509 made 3s, 450+ 3s behind Curry.

Harden has also played over 100 more games than Curry, as well as attempting more 3s than Steph.

It really does make you shake your head about how impressive this record is!


Curry came into the league as a skinny kid out of Davidson University, the son of Dell Curry who also lit up the league in his time.

The Curry family is extremely blessed with their shooting ability, along with Brother Seth, who is having a career year in Philly this season.

This record doesn’t come without Steph’s incredible work ethic, as coming from a smaller college, Steph had a huge chip on his shoulder!


Steph Curry has changed the game forever, and as a fan, it truly has been a joy to watch.


His record will never be broken when it’s all said and done!



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