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In Search of 7th Heaven

Tom Brady just won himself his 7th NFL Championship in his most recent trip to the Super Bowl on Monday, dethroning the future “goat” Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

7 Titles is just absurd and now puts Tom one ahead of Michael Jordan, who won himself 6 titles in 6 trips to the NBA Finals with the Bulls.

It raises the question now, will anyone join Tom with 7 rings in the NBA arena from the current crop of players we have left?

There’s only a handful of players who have themselves multiple NBA titles, most of whom are now on the plus side of 30.


LeBron James is the closest to joining Tom in 7th heaven, currently with 4 NBA Titles, and is favoured to win his 5th NBA championship this season (which would tie him with the late Kobe Bryant).

It would also put LeBron one behind MJ, and 2 behind Tom, who it would be fairly hard to argue now as the GOAT across the entire sporting arena.

LeBron doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon, so the chances of him joining 2 of the best to ever do it at the top of that mountain are pretty high, and given we are in the age of certain players “ring chasing”, LeBron will continue to get himself a little more help to get there with some notable free agents continuing to make their way to LA-LA Land!


Steph Curry has himself 3 titles, and the way he has gone about his business this season carrying this Warriors team to a very respectable record, there’s no reason to question this man’s ability to add a couple more Championships to the Bay Area before his career has wrapped up. 

Add in a healthy Klay Thompson next season (we hope), along with a rejuvenated Draymond Green once he gets his 2nd Splash Brother back, and this trio will be right back where we’ve seen them so many times before, competing for NBA Titles and all adding to the 3 titles they already have!


Kevin Durant joins this conversation with 2 Rings, but with his current set up in Brooklyn, you’d like to think that ring tally is making its way north shortly. Having the likes of James Harden and Kyrie Irving at your disposal as 2nd and 3rd options can only cause multiple headaches for opposing coaches, as beating this team in a best of 7 series won’t exactly be easy.

Just a helpful reminder, this is KD’s first season back from his Achilles injury, he’s got a lot left in the tank!


Kawhi Leonard, the hottest name in the NBA World last season before making his way to the Clippers, also has himself 2 rings and will be looking to add to that this season (and beyond). Paul George has been on a mission this season, and after missing out last season, its championship or bust for this team.

If Kawhi adds another ring this season to get to 3, just like LeBron, he will have his suitors lining up to join him in Clipper Land, knowing that this team could get over the hump, and the big hiccup they had in the bubble.

Outside of the current crop of top-flight players with multiple championships, there’s a small group of players that could make a run at this league and make it their own after these superstars start to slow down/retire.


Luka Doncic: He will run this league soon enough, but needs help. Cuban is all about spending the cash to get free agents, so now is the time to get your young stud some help and stop wasting this young kid’s talent!


Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid: These two are getting paired together, as if they do eventually figure this thing out (and so far this season it looks that way), then they can turn into one of the most dominant duos in the East and get themselves multiple titles.


Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown: Just like our favourite Philly duo above, these two superstars have age on their side and will soon take the league by storm on a bigger stage.

It could very well be Philly v Boston for many years to come to make the NBA Finals.


Who do you think gets themselves to 7 Rings?



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