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Joe Ingles Drops Into Throwback

I always talk about remembering where I came from to get to where I am now. The ride that Throwback has taken me on as an individual has taught me many things and this week has been no exception. This Thursday, we hosted Joe Ingles' “Meet & Greet” fan session in our Darlinghurst, Sydney store and having spent some time with Joe in a casual environment I noticed that his personality is as genuine as they come. His time and patience with each and every fan that he met during the meet and greet was consistent from the first to the very last.

It is clear to see Joe is still that South Australian kid who followed a dream that many thought was not possible (but then again, many people think many things are not possible - until they happen of course). The boy they call “Jingles" is the perfect example of what it means to be an Aussie… Hard working, loyal and proud of his roots. And despite his global fame, he still makes a point of giving back… in this case to his huge fanbase down under. 

As I stood there in the store watching (and taking pics for) the dozens of fans that had queued up to meet “Slo Mo Joe”, it began to sink in again how lucky I am to do what I do. I too, welcome the daily challenges and love that feeling when we concur them. Thursday was a different day though - the event allowed me to switch off for once and just enjoy the moment as I watched fan after fan pass through the store patiently and orderly despite the long lines. People of all ages, mates, families, siblings, etc - but the highlight may have been the fellas who handed Joe tubes of Pringles (yes the chips), and asked Ingles to cross out the “Pr” from “Pringles” and sign below it. Needless to say, Joe found it hilarious!

And then we got towards the back of the line and there were only a few fans left when was interrupted by a guy (who had been in the line for nearly an hour) as he shook MY hand and said to me “Thank you so much for organising this… you made my year”. Not really knowing how to respond, I simply replied “Thanks for coming!”.

The irony that I (though on a much smaller scale than Joe’s world fame) am also that kid that had my own dream, to one day be doing what I am doing today.

So, on behalf of all the Ingles fans and of course the staff at Throwback (in particular myself) - Thank You, Joe. 

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