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Mitchell & Ness Bringing Retro Back to NBL

Who else is excited about this?

I for one am no doubt excited about this move by the NBL, bringing in such a huge company like Mitchell & Ness to produce all gear this season is going to look great for the league.

Yours truly here at Throwback already have a great selection of Mitchell and Ness merchandise in stock, and being a big snapback hat fan myself, look no further!

Mind you the boys will be hard at work getting all NBL gear into store once the production line hits, there is a great variety of Mitchell & Ness product already in store (NBA Shirts and Hats) so do yourself a favour and check them out!

Getting back to how I see this working for the NBL. I’ve never been one to purchase an NBL Singlet or any kind of merchadise in the past as I really don’t believe they’ve got it right in a long time. With this sponsorship move, I believe it now changes.

The great thing about this sponsorship deal for me is that Mitchell & Ness produce some great throw back gear. Prime example of this, can be seen in store with this Larry Johnson Throwback Jersey.

I’m a massive fan of retro gear, and If Mitchell & Ness can bring this into the NBL, I think it’ll be a huge success. Especially for the younger fan base!

If the design of their singlets/hats for the Kings can somehow replicate what the old school lakers singlets looked like in the 80s/90s I think that’ll bring about huge revenue for the franchise and the league itself, along with some great earnings for the boys at Throwback. The Kings have a great roster for next season, so impressive results will bring about fans wanting more gear, and what better than a revamped singlet looking like the show time Lakers!!

Looking forward to seeing what the crew at Mitchell & Ness have in store for us for the upcoming season, I’m sure it’s going to be great.


Dave Bauk

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