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NBA NY Resolutions 2022 Edition:

Happy New Year everyone! We’ve made it to 2022 and here’s hoping this year gets us back to some kind of normalcy!

Each NBA team has a New Year’s Resolution to uphold going into the back half of the 2021-22 season, as well as looking ahead to the 2022-23 season.


Atlanta Hawks:  Might be time to start prepping for 2022-23 season. Keep Trae and John Collins healthy and start over next season. Very disappointing season.

Boston Celtics:  It’s time to get serious about getting this team a legit PG. No title is being won with Tatum and Brown alone.

Brooklyn Nets:  Seriously consider any offers for Kyrie at the deadline. Will not win the title with him as a half participant in the playoffs.

Charlotte Hornets:  Ask LaMelo what he thinks he’s worth and give it to him to keep him there for as long as possible!

Chicago Bulls:  Pick up the phone and make the Jerami Grant deal. It’s win now mode for the Bulls and that gets them extremely deep in the playoffs!

Cleveland Cavaliers:  Do NOT give in to any temptation to trade any of these young pieces. Something seriously special is building in Cleveland (who would’ve thought!)

Dallas Mavericks:  Seems like this is their resolution every year. GET LUKA HELP!

Denver Nuggets:  Ditto Charlotte resolution. Don’t let Jokic even think about ever leaving Denver! Continuing signing his extensions every year!

Detroit Pistons:  Continue to lobby the Bulls. Move on from Jerami Grant to pick up Patrick Williams and picks. The rebuild continues with Cade at the helm.

Golden St Warriors:  If in any doubt, cotton wool Steph, Klay and Draymond. Eyes on the prize for one of the best in the league!

Houston Rockets:  Start again next season. Paolo Banchero would be handy in this unit.

Indiana Pacers:  Ditto Atlanta, a huge disappointment. Make a move with Myles Turner or Sabonis and start all over again!

LA Clippers:  Do enough just to get in. If Kawhi is good to go at the back half of the season, I would not want to be a top seed facing them Round 1!

LA Lakers:  They’ve made their bed with this roster, now they must deal with it. Seriously consider offers for an injury prone AD.

Memphis Grizzlies:  Similar to Jokic and LaMelo. Give Ja Morant a blank cheque and let him put his number down. Special team! Genuine threat this year.

Miami Heat:  Sit your studs as long as you can, Miami’s depth is carrying this mob just fine right now!

Milwaukee Bucks:  Finish in the Top 4 and have this roster back to full health. They won’t care if they don’t have home court, they’re Championship ready again!

Minnesota Timberwolves:  Stay the course and play through KAT. They’re ready for at the very least a Play-In berth this season.

New Orleans Pelicans:  Get Zion a dietician and get this man back to the specimen we knew he was coming into this league! He’s too good to be lost to injuries every year.

New York Knicks:  BING BONG! But seriously, they’re a play-in team at best this season due a lack-lustre roster that didn’t build on last season’s success! Deadline move need to be made.

OKC Thunder:  Similar to Houston, continue to get your young kids burn and build confidence leading into next season. Jabari Smith would look great alongside Giddey and Shai.

Orlando Magic:  Another team with a ton of young pieces. Chet Holmgren fits this team nicely next season.

Philadelphia 76ers:  Stay by the phones on deadline day. Either Ben calls to say how he’s doing, or you get calls for him!

Phoenix Suns:  It’s Championship or bust for this team (with CP3 at the helm). Keep everyone in-tact for a deep playoff run again!

Portland Trail Blazers:  Injuries have destroyed their backcourt and it’s hard to see them sneaking into the playoffs. The time has come to pull the plug on deadline day on their star back court.

Sacramento Kings:  Not far off a Play-In spot going into the back half of the season. Keep DeAaron Fox at all costs. Lose him and you continue going backwards as a franchise!

San Antonio Spurs:  If Health and Safety protocols have taught us anything, it should be that Jock Landale should’ve been playing more at the beginning of the season!

Toronto Raptors:  Finally have their team healthy and rolling towards a playoff spot. This team needs their “reduced crowd” limit lifted in time for the playoffs to make some noise.

Utah Jazz:  Bench Donovan and Conley as much as possible to finish the season. Give us one healthy playoff run to see if this team can actually get over the hump!

Washington Wizards:  Whoever is Kyle Kuzma’s stylist. Please stop.

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