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New Year’s Resolutions: 2021 Edition

Happy New Year Everyone!


Here’s hoping 2021 brings us a lot more joy, and less of the pandemic life we all dealt with in 2020...


It’s come to that time of the year when we all start to question some of the decision makings we made over the festive season, and what changes we can make in the next year.


NBA Teams are faced with the same dilemma, so here’s one thing they should all stick to for the rest of the 2020-21 season.


Atlanta Hawks: Package up those draft picks next season and get yourself another veteran asset to add to an already promising young core.

Boston Celtics: Get Kemba healthy for the playoff run. He clearly wasn’t last season; and will be vital for a big run this season.


Brooklyn Nets: Kyrie needs to realise how big he is to this team, enough with the walkabouts and no communication, otherwise it may be time to move on.


Charlotte Hornets: Love the direction of this team! Stay on the path and keep LaMelo level headed, steering the 2nd unit.


Chicago Bulls: Ditto Atlanta, a super young team that needs some veteran help to give LaVine something to work with.


Cleveland Cavaliers: Get something for Kevin Love while you can, a complete overhaul.


Dallas Mavericks: If you need to rest Luka and KP do so! Get them healthy come playoff time and they’ll be able to win from any position.


Denver Nuggets: Ask Detroit kindly for Jerami Grant back…


Detroit Pistons: Tell Denver kindly no…and at the same time see what you can get for Blake Griffin…


Golden State Warriors: Does Kelly Oubre come with a full refund? If not, start him off the pine and bring him in with the 2nd unit and get him some confidence back!


Houston Rockets: James still wants out…make the move before it’s too late and you get 0 for him.


Indiana Pacers: If their core stays healthy, this team can make some noise in the playoffs, bubble wrap Warren and Sabonis so they’re healthy for that stretch run!


Los Angeles Clippers: Bring the whole team in for some Body Language training. They look awful when a little adversity hits.


Los Angeles Lakers: Give LeBron and AD as much rest as they need in the regular season, you know they’ll be needed for 40+ mins a game come playoff time.


Memphis Grizzlies: Acquire a swingman in the offseason and this team can take that next step into the playoffs next season with a healthy Morant and JJJ.


Miami Heat: Do not pick up any calls from the Houston Rockets! The fit is not in South Beach.


Milwaukee Bucks: Allow others to take over games in the regular season. We’ve seen them meltdown in the playoffs when they just stand and watch Giannis.


Minnesota Timberwolves: Another year in the lottery coming up for Minnesota, cotton wool KAT down the stretch and start all over again next season.


New Orleans Pelicans: Look to move Lonzo on, he doesn’t suit the iso ball play from Ingram and Zion. Trading for someone like Rubio may not be the worst idea…


New York Knicks: Change nothing. YOU’RE WINNING GAMES FOR ONCE!


Oklahoma City Thunder: Have 750 draft picks coming up, moves will be made one will think!


Orlando Magic: Get Markelle Fultz the best rehab facility you can find! Was finally finding his groove before his ACL injury. Their PG of the future!


Philadelphia 76ers: Block out the noise from the outside (after a 7-1 start). They’ve done nothing until they get it done in the playoffs. Every Aussie’s first/second team! Get it done this season.


Phoenix Suns: How many years can one lock up Devin Booker for?


Portland Trail Blazers: Arguably the deepest team in the league. Get Dame and CJ their rest heading in the playoffs! Must finish in the 4.


Sacramento Kings: Another very young team missing some Vets. Start by having a couple of words to a certain Father making trade requests for his Son…


San Antonio Spurs: See what’s out there for DeRozan. Was plenty of talk to the Lakers in the offseason, open talks back up and start this franchise all over.


Toronto Raptors: Ask Canada to re-open the borders! They look extremely homesick or lost in Tampa.


Utah Jazz: Keep Bojan healthy this year, they can definitely make a run with one of the best starting units in the league.


Washington Wizards: Get back in the time machine and keep John Wall now he’s healthy!



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