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New Year’s Resolutions for all 30 NBA Teams

New Year’s Resolutions:

It’s that time of year again when we all make New Year’s Resolutions and seem to break them by the end of the month…

Well it’s time for some NBA teams to stick to these ones!

Boston Celtics: Lock in your young core. Tatum and Brown are playing at an extremely high level this season and there’s no doubt they’re the future of the Celtics.

Toronto Raptors:Give Pascal Siakam the keys to the city and lock him up for good.

Philadelphia 76ers:Stop playing down to the level of your opponents. Championship teams don’t let as many games slip as they have this season against teams they simply need to beat.

Brooklyn Nets:Forget about this season. Wrap Kyrie in cotton wool and be ready to go once KD is back next season.

New York Knicks:DOLAN OUT!

Milwaukee Bucks:Exactly the same treatment as the Raps should give Siakam. Don’t even let Giannis test Free Agent waters. Get him help at the deadline, Bledsoe is not a championship winning Point Guard…

Indiana Pacers: Continue to build through what you have and get Oladipo healthy. Once he’s healthy, they’re an Eastern Conference contender.

Chicago Bulls:Either get something for LaVine and Markannen or get them some help.

Detroit Pistons:Blake seems like he’s wasting away in Detroit. Move him on please…

Cleveland Cavaliers:Give Dante Exum a chance to show he’s got what it takes in this league. The shackles are now released.

Miami Heat:Get something for Dragic at the deadline and give Jimmy something to work with come playoff time. Enough pieces to get a deal done.

Orlando Magic:Play through Nikola Vucevic a little more…he’s an all-star if you were unaware. Draft a PG!

Charlotte Hornets:Lock up Devonte Graham long term.

Washington Wizards:Hire a new strength and conditioning coach. Their injury toll is something else this season!

Atlanta Hawks:Trade VC at the deadline to the Raptors. Give him the send-off he deserves…

Denver Nuggets:They have enough pieces to make a move at the deadline also. Jokic and Murray would be the only untouchables to get this team to the next level.

Utah Jazz:Get Conley healthy. With a full roster this team can make some noise come playoff time in a brutal Western Conference.

OKC Thunder:The surprise packet of the season. Lock up Shai and give CP3 a run at the playoffs with this unit. Playing extremely hard!

Portland Trailblazers:Disastrous season for them. It may be time to break up the back court and something tells me it won’t be Dame getting moved.

Minnesota Timberwolves:Time to move Jeff Teague on. Not getting the same amount of production from him this season and there still may be value for him in the open market.

LA Lakers:Rumoured to be after Darren Collison if he comes out of retirement. The move this team must make!

LA Clippers:Also rumoured to be after Collison. Wouldn’t make this move given Lou Williams needs that ball handling role off the bench. That’s his unit and it works!

Phoenix Suns:Kelly Oubre has finally found his team. Lock him up to keep him with Booker and Rubio. Something to build on going forward for a young team.

Sacramento Kings:Tank for Wiseman?

Golden St Warriors: How the mighty have fallen. Injuries though have played a major part. Let Klay and Steph get their rest, get a quality draft pick next season (Wiseman or LaMelo) and they’ll be contending for another championship in no time.

Houston Rockets:Need to target a bully ball 4. Someone like a Montrezl Harrell (who they had). Gives them a change of pace for the second unit and opens up the 3 ball even more for them!

Dallas Mavericks:Same treatment we gave Siakam and then some. Luka Doncic deserves whatever he wants. Paired with a healthy Porzingis, this team is here to stay for years to come.

San Antonio Spurs:A move needs to be made with DeRozan or Aldridge sooner rather than later, otherwise there’s no chance this team is getting near the playoffs.

Memphis Grizzlies:Draft a solid 2 man to pair with Ja Morant and Jackson Jr next season and we could be talking about playoffs for this team in the next few seasons.

New Orleans Pelicans:As great as it would be to see Zion this season, please don’t bring him back when he’s not ready. Think about the future. Draft LaMelo Ball if the opportunity arises, and we could be talking about one of the most fun teams to watch in hoops!



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