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The trade deadline's over, time to get back to basketball!

Years from now you’ll sit down and have a laugh with your friends and say “remember that time DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins got traded for a ham sandwich?”

Seriously, did that actually happen? Boogie was the biggest name moved in a deadline deal completed just after the All Star game which stunned everyone in Sacramento. With no disrespect to Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans and Langston Galloway, are we saying that the 3 of them are equal to what Cousins is going to give you?

Cousins and Davis now combine in the city of New Orleans and a lot of NBA fans will be very excited to see how this works out. Are we looking at this generations David Robinson and Tim Duncan?

Where does this leave Sacramento? We know now that New Orleans can be a playoff team with this line up, also keeping Jrue Holiday which is huge. Sacramento, who just moved into their brand new stadium, have no headline player to lead them and give fans any kind of hope.

Buddy Hield was a great college player. Unfortunately a lot of real good college players turn out to be serviceable pros. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it’s what the kings are now practically signing up for now. Saving themselves the financial burden of parting with Boogie, but now resigning themselves to many years in the lottery. It’s now a long way back for this team.

There were many whispers in the East that names such as George, Butler, Griffin and Melo were all linked to Boston. All these names stayed put. The Celtics made no moves. Do they feel as if they have enough this season to have what it takes to make a run at the Cavs?

Boston have the 1 pick next season (or so you’d think) with Brooklyn almost certain to lock up the worst record in the league. This looks to be a point guard in the upcoming draft. Boston don’t need a Point Guard with having one of the best in the league already. Is this pick going to be moved next season for a superstar? Danny Ainge sure loves to keep Boston fans on their toes, so it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he makes a move and we have ourselves another crazy off season.

A big winner in this season’s deadline deals, the Toronto Raptors. They struck gold landing Serge Ibaka for Terrance Ross. If Serge can look after the rim the way he did in OKC, as well as the addition of PJ Tucker today, this team is once again primed for a big run in the East Finals.

Another team ready to make a run at the East Finals with a move they made, the Washington Wizards. Picking up Bojan Bogdanovic for just about nothing is a huge addition for this team’s depth. Bojan (who started for Brooklyn) can flat out shoot it. He will come off the bench backing up Beal and can even split minutes at the 3 with Otto Porter providing this team instant offence.

Yes the East is still the Cavs to lose, but these teams haven’t sat around on their hands waiting. They have all made moves to win now, which at least will make these playoffs more interesting than those out West.

Dave Bauk

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